This page is here to put your mind at ease.

I'd say about 20% of people that start with us are experienced trainees.

The other 80% of them are just like you. They have never trained before, successfully anyway, and they are ready to make the investment in themselves to get the results they deserve.

Some may have had a short stint in a large public gym but that just ended up with them wandering around looking at all of the 'in shape' people training hard and immediately felt intimidated and unsure of that they are doing.

Some may have started on a basic, cookie cutter program that the gym provides when you join, with no follow up and no guarantee of success, only to give up after two weeks and either give up, or spend the next six months in the sauna, steam room and maybe a little swimming, to no avail.

The ABS Gym is different.

You are going to be working closely with a trainer that sees your strengths and weaknesses. They will know where you need to progress and where you need to hold off and work on on different aspects of your fitness before progressing and potentially injuring yourself.

A beginner training themselves is like going into a hospital and asking for a scalpel and doing your own surgery. It’s not as simple as guessing what you need to do.

If you sign up using the form on your right hand side we can get you booked in for a quick consultation with one of our coaches. They will go through what your program will entail and make you feel more confident in your decision to train with us.

I hope to see you soon.


Our Clients Before and Afters