Bryan Kavanagh

I did my first personal training course back in 2002, I sat my exams then I was 17 and technically I was certified from the day I turned 18, after I did my CPR qualification of course.


Cillian Hurley

Cillian Hurley is not your average PT. He began doing a sport science and health degree in DCU hoping to move on to do a post graduate degree in physiotherapy to quench his thirst for movement and fixing things.


Cliona McParland

I have been asked many times how I got into personal training and its quite simple. Like so many others I was a member of a gym for many years.

Hayley Nolan - Personal Trainer - The ABS Gym

Hayley Nolan

From a very young age I always was very active. I tried every sport under the sun - dancing, GAA, soccer, swimming and even a disastrous stint in majorettes.


John Weldon

It’s August 2009 and I’m sitting, out of breath, on the stairs of the 4th floor of my apartment block in Park West, Dublin. I live on the 7th floor and the lift is broken. 


John D’Alessandro

My name is John D’alessandro and I’ve been working as a personal trainer at the ABS Gym for almost 2 1/2 years. I started off in the gym as a fat loss client receiving personal training from Bryan. 


Ronan Tutty

Unlike most of our trainers, Ronan didn’t come into the industry after a life- long involvement in sports/fitness. 


Ken Taylor

I was born in Dublin in 1984 and grew up playing all kinds of sports. When I finished school I began coaching while working my way through college.



Killian has a strong background in rugby and sprinting. From a young age Killian played rugby as far as provisional level where he developed his hunger for lifting. 


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