Bryan Kavanagh

Personal Trainer, Owner

Full Body

I did my first personal training course back in 2002, I sat my exams then I was 17 and technically I was certified from the day I turned 18, after I did my CPR qualification of course.
That was nearly 13 years ago. I was always set on becoming a doctor, and I only did the personal training course out of interest at the time. Well actually, it was because I was sparring one of my fellow Tae-Kwon-Do teammates and I noticed he had gotten a LOT stronger lately and when I asked, he told me that he had hired a personal trainer. It seemed logical to me at the time to BECOME a personal trainer, rather than hire one, so I did just that.

My thirst for information on training and nutrition grew exponentially until it outweighed my desire to become a doctor and I enrolled in DCU and completed a BSc. (hons) in Sport Science and Health and then my CSCS (strength and conditioning specialist) shortly afterwards.
Since then I have trained both national and world champions, helped countless people lose an unimaginable amount of fat and even competed and earned titles at national and world level in 3 different sports.

Full Body

Needless to say, the personal trainers that work for the ABS Gym need to be the best. We constantly strive to be perfect Personal Trainers and coaches, in the perfect gym environment, with the perfect personal training methodology. But as we all know, attaining anything close to perfection is always a challenge, especially in something as inherently complex and individualized as personal training. Trying to find the perfect Personal Trainer for your specific needs can be a tricky business. There are only a few of us with any sort of profile, so sorting through the BS and finding the right trainer for you can be a bit of a struggle.

It is for this reason that this website is set up a bit differently from any other personal training site that you will find. We have in excess of 10,000 subscribers to our newsletter from Dublin so if you ask around I’m sure you at least know someone who has heard of our gyms and the outlandish results our personal trainers attain with our clients.

You wont see any BS ‘one size fits all’ 12 week transformation crap here either. Sure, we have 12-week programs but we don’t make outlandish claims that we can’t back up. Everybody is different and any personal trainer that tells you different and compares you to another individual is doing you a grave disservice. Granted, you can use somebody else as a role model and derive inspiration from their results but you still need individualized attention and that is the service we provide. Even in our group training programs, everyone gets individual attention and program tweaks to make sure they are getting the most out of their personal training and/or coaching program.