Cillian Hurley

Personal Trainer, Strength & Conditioning Coach

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Cillian Hurley is not your average PT. He began doing a sport science and health degree in DCU hoping to move on to do a post graduate degree in physiotherapy to quench his thirst for movement and fixing things. However, just before his graduation he couldn’t bring himself to spend four years learning how to give people rub- downs and tell them to rest and do nothing when there was something wrong instead of trying to fix it. Upon this realisation he qualified as a certified strength and conditioning specialist which, in conjunction with his sport science degree, gives him a wealth of knowledge in the strength and conditioning field while improving his knowledge of how the body works.

Cillian began to train people 9 years ago and he has trained a variety of people with varying goals. However, in the past couple of years he has gravitated towards training guys who feel small and weak, as he once did. Cillian went from a 76 kg  guy at 20% body fat to 95 kg at 12%.

His approach to training is unique as it focuses primarily on strength but he refuses to sacrifice technique in training, as most trainers would. His attention to detail is second to none. He realises that a breakdown in form is usually due to a broken movement pattern or a tight/inactive muscle and he seeks to fix the root of the problem rather than compensate for it.

His own training focuses on being as active at 70+ as he is now, but also to be as strong as humanely possible in that period*. His no nonsense approach to training includes a simple, effective approach to eating while avoiding all the pseudo science bullshit along the way.

*and to look good naked obviously

Cillian Hurley BSc. CSCS

Why be strong??? <<< you cant argue with this