Ken Taylor – Personal Trainer

I was born in Dublin in 1984 and grew up playing all kinds of sports. When I finished school I began coaching while working my way through college. After graduating from UCD in 2007 with a degree in Electronic Engineering, I then completed my PhD in 2011. I was interested in programming and developing new technology, but also really enjoyed helping people to get more out of the sports they played by improving their technique and helping them to develop as players.

I decided to combine these two areas and began working on a project to develop wearable sensor technology. We used motion capture to track athlete movement in the gym in order to assess and monitor performance and progress. As part of this, I became an NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist in 2013. This was an exciting project for me to work on as I really feel that there is a place for technology in the gym, and that it can be very beneficial to athlete development when utilised correctly.

I began training with the ABS gym in January of 2012. Working with Bryan Kavanagh, I had personal experience of the progress which can be made with the combination of a knowledgeable trainer, positive training environment and a personalised program. In 2013, I competed in the Fitness Star World Championships (Athletic Fitness Model), and as my goals change over time, I continue to work on them at the ABS gym.

Over the years I’ve done a large amount of sport specific and physical training/coaching both in Ireland and abroad. It’s something I’ve approached with great enthusiasm and I always look forward to working with new clients and helping them to reach their goals.

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