Top 3 foods that will make you shed weight

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No food will make you shredded.

In fact, the contrary is true. If you add kcals on top of your current diet, that you are gaining weight on, you will probably gain more weight. Even if it is broccoli and sweet potatoes.

I see people on weight loss diets eating certain foods because they’re on a diet all the time.

Me: “how’s the diet?” Them: “Good, I’m eating fruit every day and vegetables, drinking water, you know yourself.”


1. Fruit.

Fruit is fine. It contains vitamins and minerals. Fruit, on its own will rarely make people gain weight but it definitely will NOT make you lose weight. If you remove something like chocolate in your diet and replace it with equal amounts of fruit, you will not lose weight.

2. Vegetables

Same as above, they are healthy, contain fibre, bla bla bla, but adding vegetables to your current diet will not make you lose weight. The only possible way for you to lose weight eating is if you consume your vegetables first and you are too full to eat the rest of your dinner.

3. Chicken breasts

Chicken breasts don’t make you lose weight.

Eating them instead of a steak and kidney pie will make you lose weight. You have to replace the original food with the low kcal, high protein variation.


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Bryan Kavanagh BSc. CSCS