The ABS Gym Glasnevin is a semi private gym. Unlike other commercial gym's we know all our customers by name and everyone gets some type of personalised training.


All new members are required to attend at least 8 classes before being allowed to use the gym on their own. This gives us a chance to look at your technique and ensure you can follow one of our programs.

Facility Information.

Our gym is one of the best equipped strength and conditioning gyms in the country. We have over 15 Squat racks 7 deadlifts platforms and a full astro turf area and sled track

  • 4 ER Competition Rack
  • 2 Titex / 1 Eleiko Steel competition sets
  • 4 EliteFTS squat racks
  • 3 Competition Bars & 3 Texas Bars
  • Prowlers, Sled, Tyres, Speciality Bars
  • DB Rack 2.5kg - 60kg x 2