Results only realistic for people who follow the training and
nutrition exactly and may vary from person to person.

Results only realistic for people who follow the training and nutrition exactly and may vary from person to person.

So, I'm pretty terrible at these, so feel free to edit to your little hearts content!
Plus - I'm holding you to the no front squats agreement!!
After being a regular in my gym for a couple of years, I realised that I'd gotten stuck in a rut and needed to shake my routine up. I'd lost a lot of weight, gotten (reasonably!) fit and after developing an interest in powerlifting, my new challenge was to get strong.
Only problem was, my squat technique was worse than awful. How Cliona managed to keep a straight face that first day, I'll never know. Many many many squats later, and my technique has improved massively - still a work in progress but I know that if I continue to follow the programs, I'll keep getting better.

I really look forward to my weekly sessions in Temple Bar with Cliona. There's always plenty of hard work, a healthy dose of slagging, usually some great music (apart from the Mamma Mia soundtrack!) but most importantly...great results.

The new fit(ish), stronger me definitely feels much happier and more confident so I'd encourage anyone looking to make some changes in their life to pop off an email to Cliona and get started - you'll love it!


********* I am no saint…********
When I was 18, a freshman in university, first time living away from home, I did something silly. I went on a crash diet of not eating. I would run/sprint 1-2 miles per day and do 50 sit-ups. I crash dieted and lost 30 pounds in 4 months. But that is nothing compared to what happened when I stopped this crash course in what NOT TO DO to lose weight, and be healthy.
Jump forward 8 years, 2 personal trainers, 3 school gyms, 2 commercial gyms, and I am at my heaviest ever. In medical school we talk about coaching others on healthy lifestyles, the importance of exercise, a healthy body weight, etc. How can I do that in my current state?
Enter Bryan . . .
When I started working out with Bryan, my goals were simple. Lose weight and gain more energy. I was going into a tough summer of studying for a very important exam, and did not feel my energy levels were up to the gargantuan task. Now that I have made great strides in both departments I get the question a lot of “How?”
The answer to that question is simple, "I am no saint."
I haven't given up any specific foods. If I want a cookie (or biscuit) I eat it. If I want to have a sandwich, who is going to stop me?
I haven't stopped drinking (definitely haven’t stopped drinking). In fact, just last night, I drank more than I should admit, even with some late night drunk food.
So, if I am not making changes how have I been successful at losing almost 50lbs?
But to really answer the question, what I have done is changed proportions of foods that I eat, and recognized that you can be healthy and still indulge on unhealthy things, just not all the time. I make more conscious decisions when I eat vying for healthier options when I can, and cooking more at home. What really helped, though, for me what helped is writing everything down that I eat. I am able to reflect on what I am actually eating, make sure it is balanced, and discuss it when I need.
Enough about me though, this is supposed to be a witty testimonial that makes you want to work out with Bryan, right? We work out, we talk, and generally have some great craic. I know some deep dark secrets about him, and he doesn’t know any about me. But, it works. I have achieved goals that were set out from the beginning and keep achieving goals as they adapt to my new body habitus and circumstances. I do my work outs, lift my weights, drink like a sailor, and then have a laugh about it.
Word of advice: Bring a box of donuts to The Abs Gym whenever you get the chance. It doesn’t get you death stares or piercing glares

Hey Bryan,

Thanks again for today, really appreciate you taking time out & giving us all that advice. Here's a quick testimonial below. Not sure if it's any good but if you need me to mention anything specific or whatever just let me know!

Cheers man!!

Having spent years training weights in commercial gyms & also at home, my twin brother and I always had doubts if we were training as best we could. Hours were put in but gains were slow & hardly noticeable. Finally we decided to seek out a personal trainer. A quick google brought us to the ABS Gym & after a scan of the site we decided to book a consultation. From the moment we met Bryan & his team we knew we'd found the right place. Anyone who's been in a commercial gym before can all agree that it can be an intimidating & daunting experience. The ABS Gym was the complete opposite of this. The atmosphere was friendly & supportive. That goes for fellow clients as well as trainers. Everyone was there because they enjoyed being there & enjoyed working hard. I found myself not wanting my hour sessions to end as it meant leaving the fun & getting back to the day job. The training was challenging, enjoyable & rewarding. My twin & I added kilos of muscle mass in weeks, something which we'd always struggled with. We also learned so much about training that it allowed us to train at home & continue to make gains. After six months of training in ABS I've been bitten by the bug & am planning to study to become a personal trainer myself. If I make my clients half as satisfied as the ABS Gym made me then I'll have done well.

Andrew Killeen


I was in a packed & stuffy corporate gym, toiling through yet another so called 'revolutionary training protocol' when it hit me 'I have no clue if any of this is actually working'.I'm sure I wasn't the first & I certainly won't be the last to experience this feeling of futility & frustration during a training session. I had spent the best part of 3 years trying in vain to reach my goals, going through countless training & eating programs without ever really seeing decent results. I decided there & then that I'd take all the uncertainty out of my training & nutrition & hire a personal trainer.

This is how I came to the ABS Gym in Temple Bar. A quick google search & read through of the website made it clear that the top gym for my needs was ABS & that it was worth heading in for a free consultation.
I spoke with both Bryan & Cillian, explained my current situation & what I hoped to get out of training.
Almost immediately I felt a weight being lifted off my shoulders (see what I did there). Cillian came up with a no nonsense training & eating plan that was both challenging & enjoyable. His knowledge of each movement gave me both comfort & confidence to really attack each workout. I quickly found myself relishing every session & over the course of 6 months I managed to burn fat, add muscle & really learn about how hard I could push myself both mentally & physically.

From a training standpoint, the ABS Gym is unparalleled, it is packed full of intelligent, driven & understanding trainers who treat each client as an extended part of the team. The atmosphere in the gym each morning was amazing, full of encouragement & good natured banter. I found myself disappointed at the end of each session knowing I had to get showered and head to work.

If you're reading this testimonial, it's because, like I was, you're considering a personal trainer. Your reasons & goals might be different to mine but I can honestly say that like me, you won't regret it if you chose ABS.