Personal Trainer VS Dentist

I was listening to another audiobook about a crazy dentist in Manhattan this week. It’s gas because it reminds me of my crazy friend/client, Paul, who is also a crazy dentist.

Anyway, amongst all of the hilarious anecdotes, one thing began to become clear… a lot of the dental procedures can be fixed very quickly i.e. if you have a cavity or you have broken a tooth, it is very easily fixed. quick drill, filling and ta-da – you’re cured.

Weight loss/muscle gain/health improvement isn’t like that. Sure, you can take drastic steps to lose fat, gain muscle but it almost certainly is just a quick fix… not something that is going to last.

Long term changes in your body take time. i.e. Starting to lift weights to get bigger muscles and starting to do cardio and hit the gym 2 or 3 weeks before you go on holidays is not going to work.

Let’s take a look at the time-scale if you started training now and then checked back to see what you could have achieved at different stages.

– The first day, before you come in, you will probably be nervous and feel like not showing up. Some people say it’s like standing in the waiting room of a dentist, it’s nothing like that. When you come in, you spend the first 10-15 mins being shown simple exercises and talked to. Nothing strenuous, nothing major.

– After the first week or two, you will have learned some of the techniques and you won’t be as sore or tired after the sessions.

– By week 4, you could be down 7-10 pounds (3-5kg) and be a lot more competent at exercise technique and your clothes will feel a lot looser and more comfortable.

– By week 6, you would actually have to go and buy some new clothes.

– By week 8, you would begin to notice a substantial change in your arms, legs and waist. You would be able to see the muscle definition/‘tone’ showing through and feel a lot better about your body.

– By week 10, You might have to buy clothes again, sorry… :-). You will start to get stronger now and have a lot more confidence in training and your ability to maintain this lifestyle, long-term.

– By week 12 onwards you have definitely created a new habit in your life. This is the most important part of your long term training career. The actual results (rapid weight loss etc.) will slow. It’s inevitable but it’s also irrelevant as a part of the big picture.

Does that unravel some of the uncertainty?

Do you feel better about starting a training program/ joining a gym now?

If so, let me know or sign up for one of our programs.


Bryan Kavanagh BSc. CSCS


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