Preparing to be “Stage Ready”

I spent years looking at the cover of a fitness magazine wondering if it would be possible for me to get in the shape of some of the guys who made the front. I went to the gym with the best intentions but unfortunately, I was following something that wasn’t individualised for my goal. After getting frustrated with my efforts, I decided I could do one of two things:

  1. Give up and say “screw this”
  2. Take action and hire someone who has been there and done that


I went with the latter and made completed my enquiry e-mail to the ABS Gym. Yes, I was a client before I was a trainer here, another lifetime ago. My colleague Jay, back then my trainer, guided me and what it takes to get into stage-ready condition, and I ended up competing in the NIFMA World’s where I placed second in the Sports Round. The experience in itself educated me and what was required, and having walked the walk myself, I was empowered to offer individuals the same coaching.

Since then, I have prepared males and females for fitness, figure and physique competitions. Most recently, one of my clients placed 1st in Formal Wear and Second in Bikini in the NIFMA European’s.

From the experience, there was one thing I would have liked, which I feel could have made the experience even more enjoyable than it was. A training partner, or several, would have really put some serious fun into the preparation. The goal itself was a challenge, however, if I had someone to complete the transformation with me, it would have ignited some healthy competition and kept me even more accountable.

Nutrition and training are tough. I won’t lie. But the condition you achieve, personal satisfaction and feel good factor is amazing. Unfortunately for something like this, a generalised approach with best intentions will merely not suffice. It requires specific programming, coaching and monitoring of nutrition. Without all of these elements, you will simply give up and think this is unachievable, as I once thought.

At The ABS Gym we have decided to launch a similar project to my physique challenge I completed last year. Except we are going to make it easier for you by offering you training partners to complete the challenge with. So what do you get?

  • 3 Group  Training Sessions Weekly with a Personal Trainer
  • Specific Nutritional Guidelines AKA The Stage Ready Diet
  • Stage Ready Programming
  • Access to a private training forum online for queries, accountability and progress tracking

In order to be eligible for the above you must satisfy the following criteria:

  • Gym experience with resistance training (and before you ask, jogging, treadmills and vibroplates do not count)
  • Be in the region of 10-15% body fat for males and 20-25% body fat for females

Do me one favour. Don’t take my word for all of the above. Look at some of the Stage Ready success stories to date:

If you would like to avail of one of our limited complimentary taster sessions for the Stage Ready Project, please contact us today



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