The Problem With Instagram And Facebook

Have any of you read the story about the Australian 18-year-old ‘Instagram Model’ that ‘came out’ and told the truth about her Instagram and Facebook obsession.

Basically, she was posting pictures of her self all of the time on beaches, having picnics, wearing nice clothes etc and making it all seem like it was her everyday life.

[Aside] That being said, she was getting paid by big companies to take these ‘candid’ photo shots that were actually taken up to 100 times to make sure they were perfect.


She definitely should have taken a few more…

In one respect this is fair enough, she is entitled to look good in photos if she is going to post them all over the internet. Everyone doesn’t have to post a picture of themselves when they are at their worst.

Anyway, the problem she had, and ultimately came out and told everyone was, that these photos are all fake. They are staged and taken dozens of not hundreds of times to get the right.

She is now heading an awareness campaign against social media…this is pretty stupid if you ask me. It’s not social media’s fault. It’s the stupid people who have some sort of weird attention seeking psychological issues that are the problem.

Thing is, I do agree that it is a little bit shit, for want of a better word, on people who don’t realise that this girl literally spends her life doctoring photos and taking endless amounts of selfies so she can get the right ’natural picture. When your average person sees the pictures they think, “Wow she’s so pretty and her life is amazing”, when in fact the girl has a really unhealthy relationship with a camera, her body and most likely with food too.

A lot of ‘fitness professionals’ do this too. If they compete and have some common sense, it’s a different story but the ones who take 400 selfies of themselves per day and tell everyone if they swing out of a TRX with them rather than some other goon then they can look like them in 8 weeks are assholes…this is horse shit and they know it.


Why on earth would you post this? Next thing men will be posting pics of their packages..?

Why on earth would you post this? Next thing men will be posting pics of their packages..?

What happens when the person realises that they aren’t going to look like them in 8 weeks and they feel like failures again? They quit and get fatter…. Hooray for the doorknob of a personal trainer who spun those lies and temporarily ruined someone’s life.

A negative body image is a tough thing to shake and when people like this perpetuate the ‘ideal’ or the ‘perfect’ body or life, despite the fact that the person in question is probably not as exciting or interesting as they seem on social media, it leads everyone else to believe that their body/life is shit in comparison. It’s not, it’s your shit body and your shit life and it’s the only one you’ve got.


Truth is, she’s probably sitting in her house reading a stupid email from some weird fitness guy in Australia too. ?

Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. I’m going to say something I saw on a sign somewhere. I forget where but it stuck with me.

“You don’t have to be better than anyone else, just better than who you were yesterday.”

That’s it for today, just some positivity. (for once)


Bryan Kavanagh BSc CSCS


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