The Road Back to Physique Competition

NIFMA 2013

NIFMA 2013 was a great experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the day, however, there was a lot I need to be critical of. First and foremost, I felt a little small compared to the other competitors. Sure, I was lean, but I needed a lot more size on me. Particular areas which needed more attention last year I feel were my thighs, back, shoulders and arms. Take a look at last year’s photo of me.

Stage presence was a big issue for me the last time. I didn’t spend an enormous amount of time mastering the poses and confidence of the stage. I felt a little awkward and not relaxed.

nifma 2013 2

2013 Preparation

Preparing last time was tough. I dieted very hard and trained in large amounts. The training itself wasn’t too bad, but the diet was the part which really made me feel like I was struggling. Although I stayed on track, for the most part, there were still little hiccups along the way. I got a little moody at times which wasn’t especially fun for those around me. And regardless of any training goal, this should never be the case. This time around I will allow myself small rewards along the way to stay consistent and enjoy the process a little more.

Post competition is always a nice way to reward your hard work, but I felt I overdone it last year. Yes, my body was craving vast amounts of high-calorie foods, however, I think this was down to me being almost too strict for too long. This resulted in a binge for the week after, which I can promise myself won’t be happening this time around. I will ensure there is no rebound, and I think the small rewards along the way will help with this.


Post 2013 NIFMA

Aside from physique goals, I knew that my mobility and strength needed a lot of work. I said to myself that I would try some new forms of training over the winter in the areas of strength, and also try adding a little muscle. I dabbled in a few programs between then and up until a few weeks ago. They were mainly Powerlifting focused. I also got to dabble in some Olympic weightlifting. These were all very beneficial, but in order to get the most of these, I needed to feed my body sufficient calories in order to recover and be ready for my next training session. This resulted in some muscle and strength gains, but unfortunately some body fat gains. My Squat currently stands at a 147kg, my Deadlift (Sumo Stance) at a 175kg, and Bench Press at a 95kg.

Why Physique again?

Having prepared a few clients myself since my last physique competition, it reminded me of the excitement of preparation. The buzz on the day and looking at your hard work paying off visually is an unbelievable feeling. The initial reason I ever set foot in a gym was to look a little bit better and feel a little more confident, similar to many of my clients when they first start training with me. I understand strength is important as is mobility, but these can also be developed to a certain extent while also getting yourself to an aesthetically pleasing shape. I am holding myself accountable for getting in peak condition again this year and rediscovering the same buzz I got last year. Maintaining a somewhat “Stage Ready” condition post competition is what I intend to do this time around. I managed to place second in the sports round last time, but this time I am hoping to place in one of the other sections instead and better my last performance. I am also hoping that individuals can also gain confidence in themselves from reading my progress. I was just an average guy looking to get in a little better condition not so long ago. Now I am aiming for something that may seem unachievable for most, for the second time around.

Danny Foran CPT


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