Are you ready for a personal trainer?

I have succeeded in getting literally tens of thousands of people off their asses to take the first step towards getting a better body and stop feeling shit about themselves. Which got me thinking…what about the other tens of thousands of people I have emailed/talked to/been in touch with in some way? What’s different about them? They have to fit into one of the following categories because, in fairness, they signed up to one of my fitness websites or liked us on Facebook or added me personally on facebook at some stage. So unless they are just plain nosey, they are looking for something fitness related and/ or help with their training and or nutrition.




And that is all I want – To help people achieve their goals and stop scratching their ass.

You see, the people who responded to my emails were in what’s called the ‘contemplation stage of change’. The ’stages of change’ are a psychological model of change invented by a guy called Prochaska. It describes people readiness to take on a new habit or quit a current bad habit.

If someone is in a place where they don’t even realise they need to change their behaviours they are in what’s called the ‘Pre-contemplation’ stage of change. This is someone who, when they see you eating a salad or going to the gym, tells you that you don’t need to train/ you should be enjoying your life etc. It might seem like they’re being an asshole but they literally don’t ‘get it’.They think you’re mad wanting to change for the better.

YOU are probably in what’s called the ‘contemplation stage’. This means that you have thought about changing but you haven’t quite taken the plunge yet. You might have bought a few self-help books or online training programs. You might be trying to cook healthier dishes or at least you are conscious of what you are eating and your physical activity levels. This is good but you have not REALLY done anything yet. You are just toying with the idea and, to be honest, you will get little or no results from this.


THAT BEING SAID… You have signed up on one of my websites so you could, theoretically, be considered someone who is in the ‘preparation’ or ‘action’ stage of change. These two stages of change are used to describe someone who realises that they are ‘pissing against the wind’ and need help. They seek it out and they take action that helps them directly achieve their goal. Even someone who is still in their first few months of ‘action’ are at risk of relapse because they are still ’newbies’ at this. They need guidance and a shoulder to cry on now and again if things aren’t going their way if they are to make it to the next level.

The next two stages are maintenance and termination. These are people who have maintained a healthy habit or lifestyle choice or quit a bad lifestyle habit and maintained it. There is very little chance of relapse, especially in the termination phase. Compare this to somebody who has got a personal trainer. Learned enough to feel confident in the gym and go it alone, with no risk of ever going back to the way they used to be.

How class would that be?

To start something, finish it, achieve your goals and have no risk of ever relapsing.

Which one of these categories do you fit into?

At The ABS Gym we have a ridiculously high success rate in helping people get past that action phase and into maintenance and ultimately the termination phase.

If you achieve this stage… your life will change for the better. FOREVER.

Bryan Kavanagh BSc. CSCS


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