Hard-gainer? Just an excuse!

Every second email I get is people saying one of the following things about gaining muscle.

‘I read somewhere on the internet that I’m an ectomorph’

‘I already eat loads, but I cant put on weight… it must be the training’

‘I eat loads and i do biceps every day in the gym but my arms just wont get any bigger’

‘I dont want to get too huge, just a little bigger… maybe your size’

***Keep in mind the guy that said the last one is no longer with us… I killed him there and then…***

Meet Ken…

He was a typical hard gainer.



Skinny… an ectomorph some might say

* "Hard Gainer"
   * Delicate Built Body
   * Flat Chest
   * Fragile
   * Lean
   * Lightly Muscled
   * Small Shouldered
   * Long Limbs
   * Thin

Swore he ate loads.

Nothing happened…

Then he did as he was told and this happened ?

Cool eh?

So if you think you’re doomed to being skinny your whole life, think again because it’s nonsense…

Ectomorph my ass…

Get stuck in and do as you are told and you will gain weight and get shredded too ?


Bryan Kavanagh BSc CSCS


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