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I don’t know if you are aware but I’ve recently opened a gym in Dublin. It is most definitely the most bad-ass gym in Dublin. It’s got the best Elite FTS racks in the country, 4 full Olympic lifting sets, astro-turf for boot camps, a full-size competition boxing ring and more.

Its 5/6 km from Dublin city centre and is only 10 minutes drive.

This will be of interest to a lot of you. I always get emails asking if you can just ‘join’ the abs gym and I have to say no.

The ABS Gym is a private personal training studio and you have to be signed up to one of our personal training programmes to use it.

In Glasnevin, the membership will be a little different.

We will offer a membership to experienced trainees and provide programmes for you that will address your goals. (YOU MUST HAVE SOME GYM EXPERIENCE TO AVAIL OF THIS)

There will ONLY be 20 gym memberships available…

This will be high-quality training and programming. We don’t want to have too many people to keep an eye on. It wouldn’t be fair to you, the members.

For the inexperienced trainee, we are starting to offer a ‘satellite package’ in which you come to the ABS Gym personal training studio in temple bar for one session per week and then complete another 1/2/3 sessions in the conditioning centre in Glasnevin. Depending on which package you choose.

This is a great idea if I do say so myself, and it can save you a lot of money while getting you the results of a full personal training package.

This is called a satellite programme. It works because you still have to meet with us once/ week and ‘report to us’ how well you got on in the other sessions. We still work with you one on one to achieve your goals, in custom fashion but you just have less face-time and as a result, it’s less cost to you.


I will be shutting it down soon, and it may be a long time before it opens back up again.


If you’re on the fence about personal training for a while and just thought it could be a little expensive then this is for you!

— > Contact us now to get information on this fantastic membership

For those of you who are sceptical keep reading I want to make sure to answer some of the most common questions about the program.


Does satellite personal training really work?

A couple of points to consider:

A. With this program, you have access to a personal trainer and a ‘REAL’ training centre all in one. You get tailor-made programme access to a results-based gym in Dublin/ conditioning centre too. WIN

B. The REAL individualization that goes into your programming
makes it more personalized and effective than 99.9% of anything
you’ve ever received. Fitness instructors may have given you a programme before but left you alone after that. Not with this programme. It’s in our interest to get results and we will make sure we do!

I’ve trained clients in different countries, so it will work regardless of your ‘facetime’ with a trainer you can be sure that this program will work for you because we are keeping an eye on you each step of the way


Is the new gym more suited toward beginners
or seasoned exercisers?

To be honest, to just have a membership you will be assessed on basic lifts and tested/ instructed on how to use the equipment in a gym familiarisation session. If you don’t have the experience/ level of proficiency in the gym then you will be advised to start on the satellite programme initially and reassessed at a later date. I’ve worked with everyone from people who are just starting out to highly advanced trainees entering bodybuilding/ physique competitions.

From elite athletes and world champions to complete beginners who have to lose 150lbs to advanced guys looking to drop that last 2% body fat.

The beauty of programming. I assess you as an individual and then provide you with programming that will challenge you at YOUR level, beginner or advanced.


I’m not experienced, what do I do?

Many people think that in order to be accepted into the new gym in Glasnevin that they have to be an experienced exerciser.

NOPE. As I said before we would go through an instructional session. See if you feel confident in the techniques etc.

In reality, I don’t care if you’ve been exercising for a day or if
you’ve been at it for ten years. If you can listen, learn, and pay attention you are IDEAL for the new programmes we offer.

I’m looking for people who want results and will do as they are told.

People who understand the enormous value of working closely with us and the results they can achieve in a matter of weeks if they stick to the plan.



There you have it, you’re questions answered!  Now, the ball is in
your court.

PS. Regardless of your goal, this WILL help you achieve it

PPS. Don’t wait and think about it just email me back or register below.



Bryan Kavanagh BSc CSCS


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