Crabs in a bucket? – Saboteurs!

Is someone sabotaging your efforts?

Have you ever felt like you can’t get the results you want?

Does it feel like its impossible, no matter how hard you try, to avoid temptation and/or stay on track with training?

Why do you think this is?

Let me use nature to explain why… this is really interesting…

Did you know that you can store crabs in a bucket and you don’t need a lid?

Even if the bucket is nearly full, you don’t need to seal them in.

The crabs could easily escape from the pot, either individually or with a little teamwork but instead, they grab at each other and pull each other back down into the pot. They are selfish and can’t stand the idea of one of them escaping and the others still being trapped so they don’t let anyone leave…

You know what?

Human beings aren’t too unlike crabs in nature…

The “if I can’t have it, neither should you” attitude that people seem to adopt, either on purpose or without even knowing it is apparent in everyday life.

Take a look at your friends, families, etc…

Do they lift you up, encourage, and support your weight loss or training goals or simply sit back eat crap and ridicule your efforts?

Are they always negative, think you’re wasting your time, and push bad habits on you?


You’ve lost weight by training twice a week and your eating healthier.. first thing someone says to you is:

‘Are you sick? You’re not eating properly, here have some (cake, white bread or some other form of fat storing crap)

If you refuse to eat a big sloppy sandwich or a chocolate bar on your lunch break and get a salad?

‘You’re a weirdo… why aren’t you eating properly?’

An appropriate response could be:

‘On the contrary, you are the one eating for two people, not me’

Let’s face it, there are a lot of people out there who can’t stand it when somebody else is accomplishing something that they have, at some point, tried and failed.

People that do not want you to lose weight and get in shape. Why? Because misery loves company. That’s the cold fact behind it.

I’d love to hear your thought on this one in the comments section below!



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