Fat Loss VS Weight Loss


Recently a client asked me about fat loss as there is a lot of misconceptions and a certain kind of confusion with losing body fat vs losing “weight”.

Let’s clear a few things up here first.

A few years back I was in a similar situation myself – associating fat loss with weight loss when in fact both are totally different.

I use to spend an awful amount of time in the gym/ boxing club using treadmills and various other pieces of cardio equipment, working up a massive sweat and thinking it would create this rapid fat loss when, in fact, I was totally wrong.

You see, weight loss and fat loss are not necessarily the same thing. Weight loss is actually very easy to accomplish as I found out.


All you have to do is take in fewer calories than what your body burns on any day.
So let’s say your body burns 2,500 calories, and you just take in 2,000 calories, obviously, weight loss will occur. The problem is that if the calories that you take in do not have the number of nutrients in the right proportions, the weight loss may come in the form of lean muscle loss or retained water weight that your body may be storing.

An example of a diet that can have a negative impact of this nature is a fad diet like eating shit food in “small portions”. In a case like this, because you are taking in fewer calories than what your body burns, you will lose some weight.

However, half of the weight loss will not come from fat. It will come instead from muscle in the form of the muscle itself and muscle glycogen, mainly because your body will protect fat tissue in times of starvation and straight forward restriction and favour burning muscle energy and even break down muscle tissue in extreme cases.
It’s all wasted, empty calories.


The end results will be a smaller but still flabby/fat version of yourself. And furthermore, your metabolism will be crippled by the fact that you have lost lean muscle which is one of the tissues that serves to maintain a high metabolism.

Thankfully when I finally came to the abs gym looking for help, I received everything I needed to know and in turn went on to create a leaner, stronger version of myself.

Here at the abs gym, our approach to fat loss is from a totally different perspective, and from my experience, the methods we use are the fastest, safest and most sustainable way of achieving results.

Thanks for taking the time to read, I really hope this helps you along your fat loss journey.

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John Dalessandro