Personal Training ‘Satellite Programs’ and Body Fat Assessments

Would You Like To Learn How To Train Properly In The Gym And Stop Wandering Around Aimlessly For Months On End Getting Nowhere?


Hey there,

You’ve probably been on our newsletter list for some time or maybe you just came across this website now but for one reason or another you haven’t taken the next step and booked a consultation…

It’s okay, everyone has doubts about something new…

‘that guy lost 120lbs… I couldn’t do that’

‘that girl lost 30 lbs and dropped 3 dress sizes… but I’m different’

Well, you aren’t!

You are no different to the next person!


Maybe you can’t afford 1:1 personal training?

Maybe you have a busy schedule and can’t commit to a set time?

You train ‘hard’

But you aren’t getting the results in the gym…

Then this is for you!

Although we do offer a programming package here in the ABS Gym we don’t often offer it unless somebody asks about it but lately I have just been inundated with calls and emails from people who still want to train and use our system but can’t commit to personal training between kids going back to school and crazy hours at work/ lack of hours due to the economic climate.

Personal training itself may be out of their price range or they may not be able to commit to it because of time constraints (I know I wouldn’t!) but they could make it to the gym on their own time….


For a lot of people who come into the ABS gym their main reason for wanting personal training is that they really don’t know what they are doing in their own gym… It has nothing to do with motivation… Its lack of knowledge…

You all ‘know’ that they should be lifting weights for fat loss…

You all ‘know’ you should be doing intervals for fat loss…

You all ‘know’ your meal plans need to be tweaked…

Sure enough…

You could youtube the exercises and maybe copy stuff out of a magazine… Or trust in a fitness instructor to show you some random exercises…

But it’s not the same as getting professional assistance, instruction and programming.

Do you fit into any of those categories?

Some of our current clients go to public gyms as well as train in the ABS Gym to get a bit of extra training in…

The Difference?

They know what they are doing!

We never used to give programs to non-members but in light of this information, we have decided to allow people get access to us without actually getting personally trained by us. Let me explain:

Here’s what you get:

-Gym induction (instructional session)

-Assessments and body fat percentage

-Basic Programming

-Tweaked meal plans

-Confidence in the gym


So you walk away with all the information needed to train yourself in your own gym…

Your confidence in the gym will increase tenfold.

You will be eating right and as a result you will feel better, train harder, fight fatigue and shed that unwanted bodyfat.

Sound like a plan?

All this for a fraction of the cost of personal training… Call Or Email NOW for more information on this package.


Phone: 0861238633


Bryan Kavanagh BSc CSCS

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