This 7 Day Detox and 14 day Bodyfat Blitz have been proven to work time and time again by literally hundreds of people and here they are here for you to try.

Give them a fair go and I GUARANTEE you will be successful.


Here are a few instructions:

Step 1: Download all the stuff below

Step 2: Go shopping (any of the funky stuff on it can be replaced by something similar, don’t sweat it. If you cant find any of the nut butters, peanut butter will do etc. If you don’t like something, swap for something else)

Step 3: Do self assessments or get assessments done. You need a starting point or you are going to fail. If I left you in a field somewhere and said “okay, find your way home”. What way would you go? You wouldn’t have a clue, you need a reference point/need to know where you started.

Step 4: Set goals. You need a destination or you will fail. Would you go out for a drive with a blindfold on or just go out to see in a boat, not knowing where you are going?

Step 5: Tell someone you are doing it. It is very easy to give up if nobody else knows you are doing it. If you tell someone you have motivation to complete or somebody knows you caved.

Step 6: No excuses, go for it.


You DON’T need to follow either diet to a T.

You can mix and match meals once they fall into the same category. i.e. If you are supposed to take in x amount of fat and protein then choose a different meal that contains roughly the same amounts.

If you don’t want an omelette, have scrambled eggs. Common sense stuff.

I would prefer if you put a small amount of protein powder (preferably casein) into your smoothies. This will slow down the digestion and keep you fuller for longer. If that is not an option then just don’t give into the mid morning cravings. ?

Coffee is fine in MODERATION.


For example:

Have a coffee in the morning and then before training. On non training days, have a coffee in the morning and then decaf for the rest of the day.

Reasoning: Coffee is a potent fat burner and metabolism booster, but if too much coffee is taken it loses its potency and actually starts to ‘stress’ your body out. When your body is stressed out chronically it holds on to fat. (simplified version)

Make sure you get out the weighing scales and a measuring tape. If you have access to a trainer who can do your body fat % then get it done, if not, then the tape measure and scales will do. To read more on this click here —- > https://theabsgym.com/bodyfat-measurements/

(we provide this service for 97 euro, but seeing as you have shown some initiative and bought this book we will do it for 50 euro)


Here are your download links:


7 Day Detox — > https://theabsgym.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/93/2014/10/7-Day-Detox_web.pdf

Bodyfat Blitz diet (Simple) —- > https://theabsgym.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/93/2014/10/new-diet.pdf

Cookbook (in case you havent got it already) — > https://theabsgym.com/cookbook

Assessment Forms — > https://theabsgym.com/homework/




Bryan Kavanagh BSc CSCS