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For years I have taken on clients who were personal trainers themselves. Some of them were really experienced trainers and just wanted to pick my brain. When this happens I take it as a huge compliment. Some of them were inexperienced and they needed a hand with programming and technique instruction and they lacked direction. None of them lack direction anymore and their programming skills are up there with the best. To the dozens of guys that I have trained over the years, you know who you are. It has been a pleasure to help you along and you all turned out to be a credit to the profession. I digress.


I have often considered starting up a personal trainer course but it always seemed like a lot of work and I knew it would take me away from my own personal training studio so I never took that step.


A lot of my former clients and friends who I trained originally have become trainers following my advice or I at least had some influence on their decision to enter the health and fitness industry.


It is for this reason that I feel somewhat responsible for the quality of training these personal trainers provide.


You can ask anyone who I have encouraged to become a personal trainer what I said when they first came to me looking for advice.


“Get the qualification so that you can learn the basics and get insured, but forget most of it because it’s all outdated nonsense”


I didn’t even blame the personal training courses for what they were teaching because at the end of the day, they have to teach a syllabus that some idiot came up with using studies and textbooks from the 70’s and 80’s.


Rant warning – The textbooks were mostly crap based on absolute garbage that some donkey formulated by performing a study that was being funded by some company who paid to skew the results for their benefit. That or a twelve-week study on weight loss using calorie restrictive diets and steady state cardio with no control groups or comparative studies.




As I said earlier, up until recently my impression of personal training courses was not great. They teach outdated information and most of it makes no sense. That being said, most of the courses are accredited by some governing body and you will be able to get insured and/or travel with the qualification but the quality of the information being taught and the tutors disinterest in their students is appalling.


I have had a number of clients complete personal training courses all over the country and the clients have reviewed the course based on the information I have taught them over the years.


Some of the information being taught on the courses in Dublin was absolutely ridiculous.


There was one personal training course that I heard of. It had a good reputation and it turns out that one or two guys I knew were teaching on it. These guys (and girl) were knowledgeable and had a keen understanding of health and fitness. I just assumed it must be good with out checking it out for myself. The course was Image Fitness Training in Liffey Valley.


One of our clients in The ABS Gym decided she wanted to get a personal trainer qualification so she went with Image Fitness because it was close to her house.


Keep in mind that a lot of our clients in the ABS Gym would know a hell of a lot more than your ‘average’ personal trainer just from listening to us… and the fact that a lot of them are doctors, sports physicians or physiotherapists that work in the medical profession in some way but that’s a different story.


That being said, Cliona came back every week with questions about the course and to our surprise all of the questions were GOOD QUESTIONS. There was no BS and very little difference from what we would teach and what the course was teaching. It sounded promising.


There are numerous personal training courses to choose from in Dublin. When looking for a personal trainer course, there are a number of factors that should be taken into consideration.


These factors include the nature of program (online, part time or full time), recognition of qualification (nationally or internationally accepted), standard of tutors and trainers, exposure given to students and recognition of the school and its courses by Central bodies here in Ireland, Europe and the World so that the students can travel with their certification.


Image Fitness Training is a personal training course that is way ahead of its competitors on all of the above factors.


I’ve been in talks for quite some time with the guys who run it, Conor and Simon. They are great guys and they have a vision. They want to make their students the best and improve personal training standards in Ireland.



Recently they asked me to become a part of their course and I accepted. I look forward to helping them raise the bar and improve the quality of personal training in the country.


Us personal trainers are portrayed as spandex wearing gym bunnies that live in the gym and look in the mirror all day. That simply isn’t the case… for most of us anyway. Real health and fitness professionals treat their job as a profession and endeavor to get the best results for their clients as a doctor or dentist would. In order to rid ourselves of this negative portrayal we first need to make sure that all of the personal trainers in the country are on the same page.


I’m looking forward to making this a reality.


I’ll say no more.


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Bryan Kavanagh BSc CSCS



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