Fit and Firm Project

Fit and Firm Project

Ladies are you looking to get into ridiculous shape this year? Are you confused by all the conflicting information and frustrated by your lack of progress?

Stop wasting your time on progammes that dont work and start doing something that does work.

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Get all the benefits of personal training in a small semi private environment. All clients are assessed on individual basis yet work in a motivating semi private group setting No more winging it. No more pidgeon feed dieting. Just weight loss wisdom AND killer results in real time.

#What you can expect on the Fit and Firm Project

  • 3 training sessions weekly with your personal trainer
  • goal setting and accountability sessions to keep you track
  • individually tailored nutrition plans
  • access to our online forum

On the Fit and Firm Project learn how to

  • Accelerate your fat loss the sensible way – through proper training and nutrition.
  • Discover the secrets behind toning and sculpting your body AND learn how to keep it that way.
  • Unravel the mystery behind clean, sensible, and enjoyable nutrition. No more nonsense yo yo diets and no more guess work.

Take control over your fitness, your body and your life once and for ALL.

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