Here in the ABS Gym we run a series of workshops for aspiring personal trainers and avid gym goers alike but there is a gap. The most FUNDAMENTAL exercises are being performed all wrong. The squat bench and deadlift are commonly thought of as the most basic exercises, the cornerstone of any effective program, and they are being either used incorrectly or just being done arseways. Luckily, we are here to help. Whether you’re a athlete, a coach, a gym owner, or someone who wants to just learn more, this workshop is for you. Anyone who’s ever been in the ABS Gym will tell you, we know our stuff.

We talked about this for a while and we were going to go on a big salesy rant about the value of each part of the seminar etc but instead we aren’t going to bother.

It is 65 euro each and 100 for 2 people. That’s all.

If that seems cheap, so be it. If you think that it is a rip off then you 1. You aren’t dedicated to training and 2. You would rather just go on the gargle than learn something.

Rationalise it this way. If you are attending the seminar, you probably aren’t going to go on the piss the night before and you will save 100 euro just by not going out and pissing it against the wall.