Will I be the most unfit/oldest/fattest one there?

Some of you are thinking one of these things, I know it.

I don’t tend to attract the girls who want to ’tone’ or jump around looking pretty.

They are the sort that wants to wear full makeup and look like they are going to a night instead of doing some training…


You see, I was going to answer this question in one of the auto-reply emails but I’ve decided to answer it here because it is important.

I would hazard a guess that there are a lot of people that have inquired to one of my gyms of bootcamps and never surfaced for the consultation or for their free trial.

Why do you think that is?

Because they’re sceptical….they’re afraid…they’re…human! (I am very reluctant to use exclamation marks in my writing because I feel like a 12-year-old writing a text message with a ”!” at the end of every sentence).

Anyway, after personally answering a version of that question over the phone for the 54,789th time, I said I’d mail you to put your mind at ease.

I remember one of the girls that started over three years ago. As far as I can remember she drove off the first night she called up because she was afraid to come in. Once she started, she loved it. Thing is, she brought a friend and her friend was about 70lbs overweight.

She thought she wasn’t going to be able to do anything. After a couple of weeks of holding her hand (literally holding her hand sometimes), she was fine. Now she is a different woman. She has lost about 30kg (70lbs) and looks great.

Isn’t she lucky that she silenced the doubting voice in her head saying “you’re not going to be able”, “you’re going to be the fattest there” etc.

Everybody starts somewhere.

Lets get this straight now.

The ABS Gym/Airside bootcamp is for anybody. It doesn’t REALLY matter what you are after or what your goal is.

You are going to get stronger, more able, more confident and lose fat/look better regardless of your goal.

The one thing that is a requirement to join my bootcamps/personal training services is that you don’t blame everything but yourself for your lack of success.

The second you start blaming yourself rather than pointing the finger and making excuses is the moment you begin to make progress.

personal training dublin girl in a mirror

Here’s the thing:

Exercise is exercise. Nutrition is nutrition.

Okay, some programs and nutrition plans aren’t great and some are better than others (like ours)

Want to know the REAL difference? Ours works for the simple reason that you will:

-enjoy the classes/personal training sessions
-have somebody to be accountable to
-get to know people
-and most of all, get the results you deserve

The list is endless and you will see once you take up your free trial.

If you don’t try, you’ll never know.

You see, I don’t just bash everyone around the class. Believe it or not, I have a BSc (Hons) in Science and Health.

I lecture and certify 100’s of fitness pros every year all over the country.

If you join a different class in Dublin, chances are I taught the trainer.

That aside,

We have people from all walks of life in the classes.


The thing they all have in common: They’re all a bit mad, they put in the effort, get results and they enjoy themselves at the same time.

So you could say it works.


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