Personal trainer murders clients

This came to me as I was doing a 20km cycle here in Vietnam. Three of us are personal trainers and we thought, “ah, this will be a leisurely cycle through the jungle…”


It was literally a gauntlet of hills and downhill death traps and all while cycling a bandy bike in 40-degree heat…

Ah, that sounds harsh, it was actually quite refreshing until we arrived at praying mantis village in the jungle… Where we had to sleep with no fans in billion % humidity… Ah… the rest of the trip was fun, I swear.

Anyway, what dawned on me, as I peeled myself from my broken mountain bike was, You don’t need to be broken after each time you train. Sure, a blowout now and again where you have a hard training session, just to test yourself, is fine. But to ruin yourself every time you train would literally be counterproductive because it’s not sustainable.

“KILL the clients. Train ’em so hard that they’ll think.”… “I could never train this hard on my own.”

A lot of trainers’ goal for the first workout is to make the client nearly faint, because apparently, that’s what good trainers do…

It’s akin to a doctor being called a good doctor because he was sh*te at using a syringe and kept missing a vein or a surgeon making sure he left the biggest scar imaginable while sewing you up after surgery.

It is literally ridiculous.

Everybody should leave their training session with a little bit left in the tank. Unless someone is an athlete and physical performance and endurance is the goal, it is literally pointless to be in a heap after a training session.

Feel like you’ve trained, yes… Feel like you’ve been hit by a bus, no…

Some people want to be pushed and have some sort of sadistic death wish when they’re training. But it is utterly, utterly, pointless.

Sure, some people buy into being obliterated in their training sessions and these people will stay but it scares most people away – the ones that need the trainer’s help the most.

Most trainers just wing the workouts, with no rhyme nor reason as to which exercises they are choosing, as long as the clients are in a hula hoop afterwards…

Fortunately, some trainers care more about results, the health, and well-being of their clients. That’s us.

If you want to make sure you’re in good hands and not at the mercy of some sadistic asshole that just wants to make you puke, give us a shout and we will get you looked after with one of our programs.


Bryan Kavanagh BSc CSCS


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