We all gotta eat…

Usually the feedback I get from my posts is really good. If not for the info provided, but the constant reminder to go to the gym, put down the cake or whatever the case may be.

“Sorry, I would prefer to join a gym that was a little less salesy.”

I got this email back from someone last week after one of my emails and it made me laugh, and be thankful, that the guy is no longer on my email list because, quite frankly, he’s probably sitting at home saying to himself, “personal training doesn’t work, it’s all a load of b*lls, I can do all that stuff myself”, while he sits at home eating pizza hating on the world.

You see, we NEED TO BE SALESY.

We have to try get people to join up with us because they signed up on our website for a reason. They didn’t do it by accident, unless they were drunk some night… Which is probably more of a reason to hassle people to come in, because they were emotional, drunk and eating m&ms some night in their house, and decided to google us.

So tell me why I shouldn’t send these emails?

If you’re salty and don’t like them / think you’re different and it won’t work for you then, by all means, Unsubscribe at the next email received. It’s better for all of us.

Sure, a lot of our business is through referrals from happy past or current clients or from people seeing our testimonials on the website, but most of it is from these posts.

So thank you, he who shall remain nameless, for your useless feedback.

I’m going to keep posting, being ‘salesy’, and helping as many people as I can.

You have fun going it alone.


Bryan Kavanagh BSc CSCS


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