Losing Weight – Do This…

Losing weight is tough for some people.

That’s definitely true.

But even the most stubborn fat is still fat.

You are not physiologically different from the other people who have lost weight or gained muscle before.

You are the same.

The difference is…You aren’t doing it properly.

That’s it.

Training is like going into a toy shop, buying a load of lego with no instructions to follow and trying to build the taj mahal.

It’s not going to happen.

Sure, you might be able to build something or other, but it’s going to be arse ways and look like a 2-year-old built it with his or her eyes closed.

Same with your training and nutrition.

You get all motivated, buy a load of weight watchers meals, a stair master and some new runners and think you’re sorted.

You’re not.

Yes, you might lose a few pounds but because you’re flying blind, your motivation wains and you end up quitting because you’ve no instructions. You’ve no idea what you’re actually doing.

Here are some steps for you that will actually work. Not juice plus or a stupid stationary bike in your bedroom that ends up being an expensive coat hanger.

  1. Get someone to do it with you (most important).
  2. Don’t give a shit what other people think about your food choices.
  3. Don’t cave every time something comes up. You’ll find yourself looking for excuses not to keep on the straight and narrow.
  4. Don’t go all in 100% from the start. You will crash and burn in no time. Wean yourself on to a program or you’ll be overwhelmed and quit.
  5. Have decent food in the house at all times. If you’re tired and cranky after a days work there is no hope in hell you’re going to tesco on the way home to shop. You’re getting a big dirty take away and you know you are.
  6. Don’t blame that ‘skinny bitch’ or the guy that is naturally ‘built’ for the way they are. That leads to jealousy. Then you start comparing yourself to them and you get disheartened and quit. I’m a short arse, it would be like me swooning over tall people all the time, it’s pointless.
  7. Enjoy yourself. Go out at the weekend. Have a few drinks. Go for a meal. Who cares…

Just don’t do this…

Friday… Cranky, getting take away, drink 4 bottles of wine.

Saturday… Hungover. Cake and coffee with Betty in Starbucks. More wine later, go to a restaurant and order a big creamy load of crap and 8 bread rolls.

Sunday… Hungover. Stay in bed until 2. Fry up. Ice cream… Because it’s cheat day… Watch crap on telly all day while eating Pringles.

There ya go. Follow those tips now and you’re sorted… Or you could give us a shout and we’ll go through it in more detail…put you on the right track and provide you with the instructions for that masterpiece you want to build. ?


Bryan Kavanagh BSc CSCS


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