I’m out of ideas…

You’ve probably heard some, if not most, of the fitness and training information before.

Shit, I have clients that DO NOT NEED ME. They want to train with me because I make them train…that’s about it…

Oh, and I’m sound, of course.

How many times have you heard me or some other health professional say something like: “stick to the basics, do some exercise and stop eating crap.” …It’s true, It is perfect advice, but it’s flawed in one way.
Drumroll …..It’s not SEXY enough… It doesn’t make you gasp and say:
“REALLY?, I’ve never tried that before. That must be the reason I’m getting nowhere”.
You see, everybody thinks they are special, and as a result, the basic stuff doesn’t work for them.

Guys…tell me you haven’t seen some guy in the gym doing something you have never done before and copied him immediately.

Girls…tell the truth now…one of your mates started a stupid juice diet or detox and lost half a pound and you copied them immediately…

Yes? … Exactly.

I will repeat again. The basics are where it’s at. Not the juice diets, not the crazy new electrocute yourself while training gimmicks, not vibration training, not eating microwave weight watchers meals…

Let me ask you this…Do you honestly think science had a party and didn’t invite you?

Sure, everybody is different and certain things might be more effective for one person and not the other but the principles are the same for everyone. They work. Bottom line, end of story.

All you have to do is implement them properly… Stop wasting your money on gimmicks. Imagine you had skipped all of them and just got some proper help. You’d be where you want to be already.

Bryan Kavanagh BSc CSCS

P.S. Let’s do it. Email us and we will get you started.


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