Excuses are like a**holes, everybody has one

Most of you are aware that, before somebody starts with us, they need to come in for a chat, or at least take a quick phone call to have a chat with them and make sure we are on the same page.

In the last three weeks, while skimming through the gym’s inbox, I just happened to notice all of the excuses/reasons why people are not coming in or making it to their initial consultation.

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I know that things happen and people get caught up in appointments/work or whatever the case may be, but the amount of excuses we get are just plain statistically impossible. (If you are amongst the few that actually gave legitimate excuses this week, you are excused and feel free to write back to this email with some abuse). 🙂

I am NOT giving out about people’s actual excuses, per se, I just know that most of them are bullshit and the real reason you didn’t come in is that you’re anxious or nervous about it.

It’s okay.

If I was going to your office /professional environment for my first day, and hadn’t a notion what to expect, I’d be nervous and feel out of place too.

Some people are thinking,

“I’m not going in there to that place, I’m having a fat day”

… This translates to: ”my cat is sick, can I reschedule for next week?”.

“Bunch of spandex covered assholes, not going”

… Translates to: “Sorry, I have been called off on business at short notice and I won’t be back for 14 years, have a nice day”.

“I’m so out of shape, I might train myself for a few weeks and get in shape before I start with a personal trainer”

… Translated roughly to, “I’m busy for the next few weeks, I think I will be ready to train by the third week in September”.**

I could go on, but you get the point. The reason I know this, aside from the fact that I’m psychic, is because the clients ALL say that after their first time coming in and actually doing a training session they feel so much better – like a weight has been lifted…(excuse the terrible pun)

It’s perfectly normal. Some of these people have been on the email list reading and waiting for months, even years.

Don’t treat personal training like going to the dentist; waiting until you’re in so much pain that you have no choice but to go. Check out our training options and let us know what you want to achieve, book a consultation, make no excuses, and actually come in this time. ?


Bryan Kavanagh BSc. CSCS

**This is a massive waste of time by the way. You will make more progress being trained by a trainer in 4 weeks than you will in 12 weeks on your own.


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