I’ll start training when I’m good and ready, Bryan

Someone wrote back to one of our emails the other day saying, “That email was very pushy, I’ll start when I’m good and ready”.

That seems reasonable, right?


You see, the time is never, ever, ever, right.

Something always comes up.

“the football is on” (you don’t even watch football)
“it’s raining outside” (eh, the gym/ class/ whatever activity you choose is most likely indoors)
“It’s a bank holiday” (The bank holiday is one day, not a whole week)
Insert an infinite amount of excuses here.

If you wait for things to be perfect and the stars to align in such a way that allows you to take an hour out of your day to do something for your health and well being, it will never happen.

You have to make time.

One of my clients moved back to the states to start a job after being here for years finishing med school.

The first thing he did was go out and find a gym close to his new apartment in New Jersey.

If he didn’t do that, the long hours in the hospital would have convinced him he was too tired and his inner monologue would have gone something like this, “go home, eat cake, we can look for a gym tomorrow”, but now it goes something like this, “no cake for you, go to the gym, it will wake you up, give you energy and you’ll feel like eating something that isn’t going to make you want to hide under your bed for two days after you eat it”.

So yea, my emails are pushy. I’m trying to prevent you from falling into a trap. A spiders web of excuses and crap that is very easy to become tangled up in.

The pushier I am, the more likely you are going to unsubscribe and go back to whatever BS excuse you have lined up for yourself later on OR you might actually, ditch the excuses, write back to the email and get started.

It doesn’t even have to be with us. Just do something, walking, join a class, get a personal trainer, play f***ing pokemon, I don’t care. Just stop making excuses.

I’m off to buy a football for my two spoilt rabbits…

Bryan Kavanagh BSc. CSCS

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