Squeaky bum time

Back in my Tae-Kwon-Do and Boxing days me and my teammates always used to laugh about the smell in the dressing room just before the fighting started when everyone was getting ready to get in the boxing ring.
We called it ‘squeaky bum time’. (do I need to say why?).

You see, no matter ‘how hard as nails’ anyone makes themselves out to be they are definitely nervous doing something uncomfortable, something they are not used to or something dangerous or something potentially embarrassing.

Fighting is, or at least can be, all of the above.

Seriously, Right now I’m at my laptop laughing just thinking about it.

But you know what?

Stepping out of my comfort zone a couple of times per month for 20 years had made me used to being uncomfortable and made me better at coping with nervousness, but it doesn’t mean I don’t get nervous or uncomfortable. I’m just better at it.

What on earth has this got to do with you?
I know you are nervous about starting one of our classes or personal training.

I know it is a very uncomfortable situation to be in.

You think you are going to be shouted at and made do things you don’t think you can do and you’re going to look stupid.

Don’t worry, you won’t.
No matter what way you look at it, the initial experience is going to be daunting. There is nothing you can do about that.

The second class or session will settle you down.

The third class… “wait a second…this is actually kind of fun…”.

Similar to what it was like as soon as we were inside the ring fighting – the nerves were gone.

It was fun. (but the risk of getting beaten up was still there, I suppose).

See, if you want to get over something or improve at something you need to get over yourself first.

Accept that at some point it’s going to be UNCOMFORTABLE.

It might even be uncomfortable enough to make you or think to yourself “this isn’t for me”.

But, the thing is:

You have to get COMFORTABLE with being UNCOMFORTABLE.

So get off your arse and stop thinking “ooo, they’ll all look at me when I come into the gym”.

You probably saw the email I sent out 2 weeks ago about the girl who wrote ‘an open letter’ to a guy who was shouting remarks out of his VAN at her while she was out walking. It was a very will written kick in the balls to an asshole who probably can’t even spell his own name. Click here if you want to read it:

—-> https://theabsgym.com/letter-to-a-moron/

She coped with it, and retaliated instead of hitting the cake.

You can lose weight, feel great and not have to worry about quitting if you are uncomfortable at any point. Expect the discomfort and it’s not that bad if and when it hits you.

Bryan Kavanagh BSc CSCS


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