Why Are You Looking For Personal Training?

Lose weight

A large percentage of our clients are training with us for weight loss. Some want to lose a significant amount of weight. Some just want to lose a few kilos and look better in a dress or tight t-shirt. It might seem a little superficial but it’s not. The changes you will see in your day-to-day life with just a little weight loss and increased confidence in your clothes is the most important thing you can do in the short term.

Tone up

Similar to the aforementioned weight loss goal, ‘toning up’ is simply another term for losing a little fat and gaining a little muscle, resulting in a more aesthetic looking body. Some people don’t need to lose weight on the scales, just lose a bit fat and ‘harden up’. This is something we specialise in.

Gain muscle

I would hazard a guess that at least half of our clients are males (and a small percentage of females) that want to gain muscle. This is a much sought after but not realised goal.

Some people call this getting fitter or toning up but the reality of it is, you want to gain muscle.

Gain confidence both physically and mentally

Some people do not know what they want. They know they want to exercise but they don’t know why. The fact of the matter is – they want to train. Training increases confidence and makes you feel better in general. Getting stronger, improving your proficiency in the gym and feeling better about yourself is both an admirable goal and essential for everybody, whether you realise it or not.

Learn how to train correctly by yourself

This is one of our primary functions as coaches.

Lack of self-efficacy in the gym is the primary reason for people quitting prematurely. Think about how good you would feel if you knew that you weren’t wasting your time?

There is nothing worse than putting effort into a futile endeavour. The doubt in your mind will cause you to quit and hit the cake faster than any other deterrent.

Let’s be honest. You’re on this website for a reason. Why haven’t you started training yet? If you have, why did you quit? You are putting it off for some reason anyway and you need to get the finger out.

You can come in for a chat and discuss your options. We have no hidden agenda. You have no obligations to sign up with us.

We just want to have a chat and see if we can help you.

How about it?

Sign up on the right-hand side and we will organise a consultation ASAP.

It could be a life-changing decision.

Bryan Kavanagh BSc CSCS.