Truth (/rant) about diet drinks, protein overdose & processed foods

Ah, there’s nothing like a good rant.

I haven’t vented on anything training and/or nutrition related in a while. Laziness and procrastination and bore the brunt of my emails and blog posts of late.

Truth about diet drinks, protein powder and processed foods - The ABS Gym - Personal Training Dublin

First up:

Diet Drinks

Diet Coke, Coke Zero, 7up Free. They will NOT make you fat.

Bottom line, end of story. If you disagree with this statement because of something you read on bookface, you are wrong.

There are no calories in these drinks, hence they can not make you gain weight. Whether you body detects the sweetness and treats it like sugar in your body (which it doesn’t) is irrelevant. There are simply not enough of the sweeteners in the drink to illicit enough of a response to cause anything that could possibly cause weight gain at all. No calories, no weight gain. If you don’t believe me, write back and I’ll send you links to the real studies on the subject, not the anecdotal, nonsensical ones you see unqualified, fear-mongering people citing on Facebook.

Anyway…next up, some of you may have read about the Australian bodybuilder that died from:

Protein Overdose

The girl in question had an underlying condition that prevented her body from metabolising protein effectively. This resulted in a build up of by products in the body and the media have misconstrued the information and reported that it was protein supplements that killed her.

It’s like saying because someone goes into anaphylactic shock because they consumed shellfish or peanuts, that they should be banned. It’s absolute nonsense and should be disregarded completely.

The next one is that processed food will make you gain weight and unprocessed food won’t.

Processed food VS Unprocessed food

Some Instagram blogger posted an eye opening comparison of different foods and their caloric content. On the outset most of it was true and to the educated fitness professional, the information is fine.

Laymen, and women need to keep in mind that these comparisons only hold true once the person in question gets enough nutritious foods containing adequate amounts of protein, fibre, quality fats and micronutrients. After that, the source that you get your calories doesn’t really matter.

Also keep in mind that, if you’re on a fat loss diet, once you’ve taken in enough protein, fat, carbs and fibre, it doesn’t leave much room for eating that much junk… So out the packet of cookies down…for now.

Sick of misleading ‘fitness tips & tricks’?

Then remove the guesswork and hire an experienced professional that knows both nutrition & ways you can get the most out of yourself. That’s what we’re here for.

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