Another week, another testimonial

Hear what one of our clients that’s also a medical doctor and a consultant surgeon has to say about us:

“Bryan was my first ever personal trainer. My first session in the ABS Gym in Temple Bar was around 4 years ago. I was in my early 30s, out of shape and looking to make a change.

I had had periods where I would attend the gym for a few weeks in a row, but never took it seriously and never made progress. For a person like me, with no real gym experience, a gym can be an intimidating place. I was never at ease in a gym. The machines were intimidating because I didn’t know how to use them. The regular gym goers can also put you off. You feel a bit pathetic when you see these muscular specimens strutting around, throwing insane weights around like they were nothing. Meanwhile, I was struggling doing bicep curls with a pink Reebok weight while looking at an instructional YouTube video on my phone. This was NEVER going to get me anywhere.

A work friend told me about Bryan and his gym. I called him up and booked in for a session after work. The gym is ideally located in the city centre and the minute you walk into the room, you can tell this is a safe place where you come to learn how to train properly. You come here to work and take your stuff seriously. Bryan gave me a warm welcome. I have a medical background and could tell instantly Bryan knew his stuff. He even knew all the big long Latin names of muscles I had long ago forgotten about! We talked about nutrition, about stretching exercises, about my goals. His enthusiasm about fitness and for me to get results was immense. He makes you feel like you can achieve anything without bullshitting you and resorting to cheesy slogans. That was 4 years ago and I am now stronger, fitter and lighter than I have ever been. My clothes fit great and I can hang around the pool on holidays in trunks without feeling self-conscious, unlike a lot of guys my age. I train with Bryan but also on my own and he has given me the skills and knowledge to train safely and effectively in my own time. I am no longer intimidated by the “regular” gym-goers as now I am one of them! The biggest bonus about training regularly with Bryan and training using his plans is the stress relief. After a long day at work, you can get quite frazzled and nothing clears your head like lifting something heavy. For some reason, mental fatigue is eradicated by physical exertion. Now, instead of unwinding with a gin and tonic I go and bench a bit and come out feeling a lot better about everything.

If you want to get fitter, lighter and stronger but don’t know where to begin, get a few personal training sessions in with Bryan and you’ll soon pick up the momentum from him to make real changes in your exercise regime. Bryan is serious about his work and if you are serious about achieving success in physical fitness, I can think of no better trainer to lead you and support you on your journey.”

JPD, Medical Doctor, Consultant Surgeon”

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