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Number 1 Fat Loss Tip

The most popular thing people are searching for on the internet these days is the ‘Best fat loss tip’ or ‘How to lose weight fast’. Well in my field anyway, people might be googling Justin Beiber or Jedward or some other crap a little more but you get my point. This is great, people want […]

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Dieting for Women – What you REALLY need to know – Part 1

So the Dos and Donts of what to eat (and what not to eat) to have nice girl-guns, girl-ceps, glutes of steel and all that glory that comes with it. Da dahhh 1. Don’t Over Think It First and foremost one of the biggest issues I come across with women and diets is that they

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High Protein Diets Cause Cancer…

I checked my Facebook this morning and to my dismay, I had been tagged in 3 posts/comments that related to a recent study that you may have heard of in the news, newspapers, Facebook or some outer media outlet. What I had been tagged in is yet another case of the media sensationalising some stupid

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Is Sugar Actually Toxic?

I was in Bootcamp earlier and we got on to the topic of sugars and what the real problem is with them because a few of the girls had watched the below video and asked some questions about it. It really is interesting stuff if you haven’t already watched it. I’ll break it down below if you want

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Personal Training For Women

Personal Training in the ABS Gym is not just for guys! A lot of our clients are female, 50-60% last time I checked. In the ABS Gym and in our boot camps in dublin we take the guesswork out of training. We have a proven system that works every time if you are prepared to do

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